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On this webpage, you can read about my past and ongoing research activities.
My Phd is related to the implementation and use of clinical terminologies, with emphasis on SNOMED CT.
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Research background

Multiple challenges arise when vendors and system owners strive towards a harmonization of the content within the Electronic health records by the use of standardized clinical terminology. Yet, the motivation for such harmonization exist because it induce a great potential for sharing, comparing and reusing clinical information across systems and borders (departments, hospitals, sectors ).  Potentially, it will increase the beneficial usage of clinical data for both primary and secondary purposes.
The clinical terminology SNOMED CT is developed to represent all clinically relevant information, and therefore it has a size and complexity that demands for knowledge when applied to clinical information systems. Hence, one challenge is to understand the content and model of the terminology to be able to navigate and select sufficient concepts to represent the concerned clinical information. Another challenge is to ensure that related clinical information that is registered in different clinical templates in the EHR-system is represented by concepts in the terminology that support the information to be compared.
This topic has been matter of attention in the present PhD study, where an in depth analysis of SNOMED CT combined with an actual SNOMED CT implementation project has been the underlying basis for developing applicable SNOMED CT implementation-guidelines and a software tool for supporting consistent and coherent terminology implementation.