Biostatistics Part II 2012

Here is the begining of a webpage for the last part of the course. The webpage is now in 2012 version despite the url stating 2011. I will use Bland as much as possible. I like Blands approch, and he is a hot-shot in biostats. But as we want to apply more spesific methods Bland does not have the details that we need.


DateLocationTopicTextLecture notes and assignmentsslidesdata
Fibigerstręde 16.1.211ANOVABland ch 10.9-10.13
Zar ch 10.1-6 + 11.1 + 12.1-5
Notes to lecture 4herehere
30/10Fibigerstręde 16.1.211Cross-tabulationBland Ch 13Notes to lecture 5herehere
6/11Kroghstręde 3/3.117Regression analysisBland ch 11+12Notes to lecture 6herehere
13/11Kroghstręde 3/3.117Survival analysisDawson and Trapp ch9Not mandatory! end of chapterherehere