Knud Larsen

Laboratory Engineer, MScEE

Knud Larsen
Fredrik Bajers Vej 7 E1-201a
DK-9220 Aalborg

Tel: +45 9940 8813
GSM: +45 2963 0107
Fax: +45 9815 4008


Services Offered

What can I do for you?

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Software Engineering & Development

Development and maintenance of general software for data acquisition, processing and analysis. The widely used "top product" is Mr Kick: Development started out in 1998, and it is still continued to support the needs of today.

Many research projects call for dedicated solutions, where the general software can not meet the needs. If you can specify your requirements I will most likely be able to develop a solution. An example is control of specialized equipment like the platform perturbator.

Already a variety of dedicated software is in use, and occasionally needs maintenance. This is possible to the extend that source code is preserved and documented (or at least understandable).

Most of the software developed here is written in LabVIEW.


Project Support

Technical support for:

LabVIEW Support - and Courses

I have a long experience in programming in LabVIEW - National Instruments graphic language, "G". SMI/HST-employees are welcome to take advantage of this experience: Do you need an introduction to LabVIEW, or do you have specific questions for your project? - I'll help you.

If a group of (potential) LabVIEW users requests it, I can also offer courses dedicated to your needs and level of programming skills.

You find AAU-supported software at, incl. LabVIEW - login required!

General Laboratory Support incl. Safety

Building an experimental set-up may be rather complex. My speciality in this is data acquisition and related issues
(others may help you with mechanics, electronics, etc. as described in the Technical Support section of HSTs staff list).

Also in your daily work in the laboratories, I may be able to assist you, eg. to resolve problems in case your set-up does not act exactly as you expect - or simply to fine-tune the set-up for your purpose.

You can find manuals for some of our equipment here.

Please observe the rules re. Working in the Laboratory, not least User responsibilities and Good practice….

Web-development and -Surveys

Do you need a project page (as often requested of grantees), or assistance to research group pages, etc. - feel free to contact me!

In case you need to conduct a survey, why not do it via the web? - We have free access to use SurveyXact (by Rambøll mangement), and I can help you setting up an online survey.

Purchase of National Instruments Products

National Instruments (NI) supplies most of our data acquisition devices. I am the main contact to NI.

I can help you choose the most appropriate equipment for your purpose. All purchase of NI products should be done via me.

Examples of hardware in use at SMI (links will open in separate windows) - outdated, to be updated:

On most hardware SMI/AAU gets an academic discount of 10%. Before any purchase a requisition is required.

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Knud was born one dark winter morning in January 1964. He grew up at a farm in Skodborg, southend Jylland, and attended technical school as well as highschool in Haderslev.

In 1983 he started at Aalborg University, where he graduated as MScEE / Medico, 1988.
And he stayed: First as an Assistant Teacher, then Research Assistant and now as a Laboratory Engineer at Department of Health Science and Technology (HST).

His main task at SMI is software engineering and support. Today most software is based on LabVIEW.

A more detailed CV is avalable in Danish - and you can find more personal information at

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