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Produkt og Design Psykologi (4. sem):    Anvendt Biomekanik

Course Materials – Uwe Kersting

Lecture Notes:                                                         Readings:

21-2   Goniometry and Video                                    Kinematics

28-2   Force and Acceleration                                   Force Measurement

13-3   Power and Performance                                  Work and Energy

17-4   Optimization in Sport                                      Optimization



Additional Files for Practice Sessions

21-2     Task Sheet              Hip_Knee_Gonio_Example            Run2DVideoExample           Sketch

28-2     Problem Sheet         Leg_Extension_Example               Solution Static Problem

13-3     Problem5          Problem6               JumpExampleFile(.txt)                   JumpExample(.xls) 
17-4     Problem7





Main Textbook:

Robertson, D.G.E., Caldwell, G.E., Hamill, J., Kamen, G., Whittlesley, S.N. (2004): Research Methods in Biomechanics. Human Kinetics, Champaign, IL

2nd book

Nigg, B.M., Macintosh, B.R., Mester, J. (2000): Biomechanics and Biology of Movement. Human Kinetics, Champaign, IL








Opdateret: 20-02-2008


Provided by: Uwe Kersting