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Idrætsskader 1 - 1. Semester

Course Materials – Uwe Kersting

Lecture Notes:                                                        

Module 1 - Injuries in Sport – A problem? Perspectives, Definitions, Approaches
Module 2 -
Epidemiology – structuring injury data, analyses and comparisons, and then?
Module 3 - Mechanical and biological concepts about tissues
Module 4 - Acute versus overuse injuries
Module 3 - Severity of injury – principles of healing – perspectives for rehabilitation 

Additional Files for Practice Sessions/Tasks (Opgaver)

Injury Survey, Exelfile, General Questions, Instructions

(spreadheet including calculations)

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3 - 2nd worksheet
Module 4
Module 5





Recommended Textbook:

Whiting, W.C., Zernicke, R.F. (2008): Biomechanics of Musculoskeletal Injury. 2nd ed., Human Kinetics, Champaign, IL

The relevant chapters from the text book will be provided to the students as reading materials. It may be a good idea to buy this book as it very nicely covers the main topics - but it is not obligatory. (links currently only on uni webpage)

Articles (links to these are on uni webpage):

van Mechelen W, Hlobil H, Kemper HC. Incidence, severity, aetiology and prevention of sports injuries. A review of concepts. Sports Med. 1992; 14: 82-99.

Bahr R, Krosshaug T. Understanding injury mechanics: a key component of preventing injuries in sport. Br J Sports Med 2005; 39:324-329.

Meeuwisse WH. Assessing Causation in Sport Injury: A Multifactorial Model. Clin J Sport Med 1994; 4: 166-170.

van Mechelen W. Running injuries. A review of the epidemiological literature. Sports Med. 1992 Nov;14(5):320-35.

Skadefri, NIH, Oslo, Norway:

The Sport Smart Plan, ACC, New Zealand:

Danish Textbook:

Michael Rindom Krogsgaard og Thorsten Ingemann Hansen (2007): Idrætsskadebogen. 1. udgave, 1. oplag; FADL’ s Forlag Aktieselskab, København 2007, ISBN 978-87-7749-320-1; downloadable:








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Provided by: Uwe Kersting